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Is freelancing for you?

With freelance and remote work becoming more popular many are asking themselves questions like “Is it for me?” “Is freelancing worth it?” “Can I turn freelancing into a career?”.

It’s excellent that you are considering these questions and looking for answers, and I hope I can assist you in choosing the best for yourself. Self-awareness is the key to leading a fulfilled life. Ask yourself what is most important to you and what are you willing to endure to achieve your goals.

Do you crave the freedom to work in any hours from any place, so you could travel and use your time in a way that is custom to you? To say no to a project you don’t believe would be a good fit for you? Do you want a variety of to-do tasks, new projects and are willing to learn and research to achieve the best results of the provided project? If you’re showing in your daily life characteristics mentioned below, freelancing should be a good fit for you.

  • You are continuously learning new things and gaining new skills.

  • You are motivated and driven, filled with passion and curiosity.

  • You work hard to reach something you set your mind to.

  • You treat others with kindness and appreciation.

  • You can organize your time.You have strong work ethics.

I hope you can find these traits in yourself and this article was helpful for you. Please, let me know what else would help somebody to decide if becoming a freelancer would be a good decision for them and how you knew it would be a great choice for you!

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