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Tips for a late-night freelancer

You don’t procrastinate (how could you, with so many tasks?) but you stand in front of the choice. The deadline for projects isn’t for a few more days, and you know sleep is important. But driven, night by night, you try to make the most of your hours and stay up a little bit longer, use a little bit more of the night.

You might prefer working during calm night hours or just finish the tasks as soon as you can. It might be hard to keep the balance between work and play when your passion turns your work into play anyway. You’re pushing towards your goal, hustling in the most positive sense of this world.

I have a few tips for you (or notes for myself, depending on my schedule):

  • Give yourself 15 min to an hour to finish your project.

  • Start with the shortest to get rid of mental clutter.

  • Hydrate yourself during the process and listen to relaxing sounds.

  • When you are too tired, finish your work and go to sleep.

  • Keep your notebook close in case your mind wonders to your tasks with inspiring ideas even after closing your laptop.

Then unwind, meditate and slowly fall asleep. Tomorrow you will have as much drive as today if not more. Take care of your sleeping habits and with the domino effect, aspects of your day might become much better.

What are your tips for not staying up too late working and deciding when it’s better to stay up and when to go to sleep?

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You might prefer working during calm night hours or just finish the tasks as soon as you can. Read more about how to optimize your work.

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